MiniDream Baby Musical Play Mat (Play Gym) Safari

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Type: Playtime


This Mini Dream Luxury Baby Musical Play Mat with music and lots of activities and textures to stimulate your growing baby. The comfy floor quilt has a soft, silky mat. A variety of links let you attach toys up above or down below. Movable and stationary toys encourage exploration on the overhead gym or for tummy time play. Your little one can also enjoy a rattling ring, squeak bear, a shiny mirror and a crinkly elephant ears for fun. As babies play, they are developing in so many ways! Smart colours enhance visual skills; playful fun tunes, music and textures stimulate baby's senses of hearing and touch. As baby play explores on the comfy safari play mat, linking toys and mirror encourage tummy time play, building upper body strength and self-discovery.


  • Luxuriously padded, super soft materials
  • 3 detachable hanging toys with can hang on the car seat, buggies, pushchairs and strollers
  • Easy to set up
  • Baby-safe mirror, textured fabric with activity toys, rattles, squeakers, music and mirror


  • Size: 90cm x 90cm
  • Lining: 100% Cotton
  • Filling: 100% Polyester
  • Outer fabric: Velvet
  • Suitable from birth


MiniDream is a range of luxury baby products specially designed to stimulate babys senses. All our products feature fine stitched details and are made to the highest standards from superior quality, environmentally friendly fabrics, including Tencel and organic cotton to safeguard baby's sensitive skin. Whichever one you choose, these products are just the thing to create a fun, safe and educational environment (for bright starts!).

Baby Musical Play Mats FAQs

Why are playmats good for babies?

Playmats are a great way to provide your child with sensory stimulation and encourage activity development. Using a playmat will offer hours of entertainment for you and your little one with the added benefit of helping them reach some key developmental milestones! Baby playmats stimulate curiosity by encouraging babies to explore their surroundings. This in turn will facilitate independent movement which is key in the building of muscles that will later help them sit up and begin to crawl. 

Playmats also allow babies an opportunity for new sensory input from different toys and textures. They can explore a range of play patterns too, like rolling or sitting up on their knees—all skills they'll use later in life! Baby playmats can act as a pre-literacy tool too since letters and numbers are sometimes printed on the mat itself. The more senses your baby encounters at this early stage the better! 

What age do babies play on playmats?

Playmats or baby play gyms are a great way to keep your little one entertained while you're busy. You can start using it as soon as they are comfortable with lying on their back without being swaddled, and even if there isn't much interaction yet with the toys or textures at this stage - looking up will still provide some fun and the observations they make can aid brain development

Once tummy time has been introduced, usually around the three month mark, begin introducing play sessions on the mat in short blocks (around 5 mins) then add up gradually so that eventually you get 1-2 hours per day. This will not only benefit your baby but will give you a well deserved break!

Toys on play mats are usually designed to encourage rolling over and eventually sitting up. Typically little ones will start exploring this option around 6 months old. It is also common for your baby to attempt a full standing position as a means to reach the hanging toys, so don’t panic! This is a great development milestone which will eventually lead to crawling and walking. You will just have to be vigilant in keeping an eye on them during this stage to avoid any accidents. Once they have this mastered, the next stage is crawling. Your baby will most likely begin to take off crawling on their own around 9 months old and this is usually the age at which they outgrow their playmat. 

What is the difference between a baby play gym and an activity mat?

There is little to no difference between baby gyms and activity mats, the name just varies depending on personal preference and where you are purchasing from. Both items are typically soft and comfortable mats featuring textured, musical or interactive toys that encourage your baby to explore their surroundings. Baby play gyms and activity mats are a great way to encourage infant development through play and it is recommended that you encourage your baby to use them from around three to nine months. Some additional features can even be added to baby play gyms and activity mats to keep them age relevant and ensure your little one is consistently  interested and stimulated while using them.

How do you clean a baby playmat?

As baby grows, they have very little muscle control, which means they're prone to accidental spills and mess making. Play mats provide a surface that is soft and easy to clean up - no matter what gets spilled on it! Baby play mats are typically made of baby safe and comfortable materials that are suitable for their sensitive skin, such as cotton. Therefore, they can often be cleaned in the washing machine. Instructions may vary depending on which playmat you purchase to make sure to check these beforehand!

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