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Doll Houses & Dolls

Here at Small Smart we are all about sustainability, classic ideas and designs that will last a lifetime. Additionally, more
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Maileg Kids Cooking Set with stove and utensils
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Maileg Miniature Castle Hall Mouse House
£37.00 £26.64
Maileg Miniature Castle Mouse House with Mirror
£74.00 £64.00
Pet Set Wooden Toys Dog and Cat Le Toy Van
£9.95 £7.97
Sebra 3 Storey Wooden Dollhouse for Kids
£190.00 £99.00
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Here at Small Smart we are all about sustainability, classic ideas and designs that will last a lifetime. Additionally, we only offer toys made of the best, most durable materials meaning that play never gets interrupted and fun can last a lifetime. With our range of wooden dollhouses, we like to pay homage to the classic wooden dollhouses that have entertained generations of children whilst also being cool, fun and stylish.

Wooden Dolls House

We have a collection of lovely, timeless models to choose from and furthermore, the houses are made from sustainable wood and other eco-friendly materials as much as possible so you can shop with peace of mind. We know you will love your new wooden doll house and so we also sell a fabulous selection of accessories such as doll house furniture, doll figurines and even wooden toy cars and vehicles to really make your dollhouse a home! Our minimalist designs look good in any room and can serve as not only entertaining toys but also as an eye-catching decorative piece in any room; nursery, playroom or bedroom.

Why invest in a Wooden doll house?

A doll's house is first and foremost a children's toy that imitates an actual structure, perfect for playtime and fuelling imagination. However, doll houses can have a much more significant function in teaching little ones about the world around them. A doll's house imitates a real, physical building, allowing kids to practice life skills by managing what is essentially just play furniture. With multiple levels of play and endless possibilities of what your doll house can look like, your child can create an ‘ideal world’ for their dolls. Whether you like to give your child a toy that encourages creativity or allows them to explore family structures? A wooden doll house is the perfect choice! This toy is made of high-quality wood and is designed for lasting enjoyment. Your child will love playing with this house and creating stories with its inhabitants.

What is the Most Appropriate Age for Playing with a Wooden Doll's House?

There is no precise age at which a doll's house should be purchased. Our wooden dollhouses are made from high-quality wood and other durable materials meaning that your doll's house will stand the test of time and survive hours and hours of imaginative and exciting play times. A wooden doll house is the perfect toy for kids as they are designed to appeal to a huge range of ages. The best part is that the dollhouse can essentially grow up alongside your little one and be used as a decorative item, a play house, a home for their favourite characters and figurines and even inspiration for imagining their own house once they get a bit older!

What About Doll's House Accessories? 

By adding accessories such as figurines, furniture or vehicles to your doll house setup your little one can create a broad range of exciting stories and scenarios. Let their imagination run wild or if there is a specific task or lesson you think is important for them to learn, why not recreate household chores and demonstrate responsibilities using the wooden dollhouse? This way your child will more easily be able to understand what goes on around them through their favourite medium of playtime! Not all of our wooden doll houses come fully furnished or with additional accessories so why not check out our range of doll families and vehicles and start setting up your dream dollhouse today:

  1. Miniature dollhouse closet
  2. Miniature bathtub accessory
  3. Dolls house mini wooden bed
  4. Miniature cream washing machine
  5. Tender Leaf doll family 

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