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Outdoor Play

Explore Our Wide Range of Kids Outdoor Play Equipment: Bikes, Trikes, Sandpits, Garden Toys & More!  Promote active play more
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Explore Our Wide Range of Kids Outdoor Play Equipment: Bikes, Trikes, Sandpits, Garden Toys & More!  Promote active play and key developmental skills with our fun outdoor toys for all ages. Shop now and find the perfect fit for your child's interests!

Outdoor Gifts for Kids FAQ's

Are outdoor toys for kids handy for traveling?

This is dependent on the type of toys you are hoping to travel with and the amount of space you have in which to transport them around. Buckets and spades are easily stored and perfect for trips to the beach and inflatable water toys and balls can provide fun for the whole family as they can be deflated and folded up for easy use. Bigger and less portable toys such as slides or bikes may be too inconvenient to bring on long journeys or may require additional tools or attachments in order to travel. Do some research on where you are hoping to travel to and find out what the facilities are like and how much space you will have.

What is the best way to clean outdoor toys for kids?

Outdoor playthings by nature will likely end up a little dirty after your child has played with them outside. Before cleaning your kids outdoor toys, first consider what material they are made from as most things can be cleaned using warm soapy water. It is recommended that harsh chemical cleaners are avoided for the safety of your child and also the preservation of your play equipment. Make sure to clean outdoor toys often, even after every use as this will extend the life of the toys and keep them more hygienic by preventing the build up of dirt and bacteria.

Which outdoor gifts will encourage my child to play outside in nature?

Most specifically designed outdoor toys will encourage kids to get out into nature if they enjoy using them. However, to inspire less outdoorsy kids to investigate animals, plants, bugs and trees, nature themed play kits and flower presses can help to stimulate curiosity and adventure. The benefits of the great outdoors on mental and physical wellbeing are vast for kids of all ages so getting your little ones to explore and enjoy outdoor fun at a young age will allow them to reap the benefits of nature for the rest of their lives.

What are the main considerations when buying outdoor toys?

There are many benefits of buying outdoor gifts for your child, however, the following considerations should be taken into account before choosing which ones are right for you.

Storage Outdoor toys are often designed to be strong and sturdy and for this reason, can sometimes be difficult to store in small spaces. Before purchasing, it is a good idea to check the dimensions of the toy you are intending to buy and give some thought as to how and where you can store it most effectively.

Education As your child is growing, it is important to consider the educational value they will receive from everything they do. Outdoor toys are a fantastic way to facilitate not only entertainment but learning. Consider the types of toys you are buying and what skills and qualities your child can learn from these, for example, ball games can teach coordination and teamwork.

Materials When choosing the most appropriate outdoor toys for your child, consider what material the toy you are intending to buy is made from. Where possible look out for quality toys made from sustainable materials such as wood. Not only are these good for the environment but wooden toys contain less potentially toxic materials, can be very aesthetically pleasing and are known to be naturally antibacterial. You want to invest in toys that will be durable and safe for your little one.

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