Weekend Travel with Your Baby: Tips and Must-Have Gear

Your child should experience outdoor life as much as possible, discovering and getting used to the sights, sounds and smells that are completely new. Taking your child on weekends away lets them take in new surroundings and get used to the idea of travelling. Remembering all the essentials to keep your little one (and yourself) happy can be quite a long list!

- Packing and Organising

The Award Winning Allis Plus Changing Bag/Backpack is the perfect option for parents to choose when deciding on where to store your child’s on-the-go travel essentials. The versatility of colour options, storage compartments and it's ease of use, offer a combination of style and substance for any parent.

The spotted Black and Grey design make for a stylish bag that even the most fashion conscious parent would wear. It's 6 inner and multi-pocket, zipped outer compartments gives easy access to your essential belongings. Clipping your changing bag to the handles of your pram/buggy allows access to bottles, food, blankets or nappies, so you are ready for whatever your little one throws at you. (Sometimes literally!) Make weekends away with your little one more enjoyable and be as organised and prepared as possible.

Allis Plus Changing Bag/ Backpack
Allis Plus Changing Bag/ Backpack

- Baby Toiletries for Travel

Taking a young child on a weekend trip requires lots of thought about what they will need whilst away from home. Toiletries are essential products to help keep your child clean and healthy.

NAIF produce skin safe, sustainable products that help with dry skin or eczema. Their Travel Kit is perfect for those short trips away from home, and contain all your child needs to stay clean. A softening nappy cream, nourishing shampoo, cleansing wash gel and nurturing cream are all contained within the kit in small easy to store squeeze tubes. A soft, light dummy cloth and a toiletry bag made from recycled cardboard are included. NAIF products such as these contain no Parabens, Phenoxyethanol and other harsh chemicals, meaning your child’s skin is safe when washing.

NAIF Travel Kit
NAIF Travel Kit

- Travel Sleeping

Taking your baby with you for a weekend away is an amazing experience that comes with many obstacles. If you are staying in a hotel or with your family, it is very likely there will be nowhere comfortable and safe for your baby to sleep.

You may be tempted to bring a travel cot, a great solution to the problem, but the old fashioned bulky design can be more of a nuisance than initially thought.

A great alternative to the travel cots of the past is the Koo-di Pop-Up Travel Bassinet. A lightweight, quick and easy to use small travel cot which folds easily into a compact carry bag making it no hassle to fit in the car. An integrated zip-up mosquito net protects your child from any insects, perfect for if you want to put it to use outside. Ensuring your baby gets a good night sleep is possible with the comfortable padded base mattress that is included. The compact design creates a snug environment for your child and makes them feel comfy and enclosed. This Pop-Up Travel Cot is an ideal solution to the question of ‘Where will my baby sleep?’ when taking them away for more than a single night.

Koo-di Pop-Up Travel Bassinet
Koo-di Pop-Up Travel Bassinet

- Bathing

Finding the right solution to where your child will sleep is just one part of preparing for a weekend away. Ensuring your baby can stay clean and healthy is an essential part of travel. The majority of places you may go to stay will not accommodate very young children so taking your own baby bath is probably the best option. Your child will feel more comfortable in something they have previously used and bathed in.

A perfect example is the Karibu Folding Baby Bath. A product that can be used both at home and when travelling, the foldaway design makes car storage easy, without compromising on a full-size tub for your child. The non-slip material used on the supporting legs, the entire product’s use of skin-safe materials and the addition of a heat-sensitive plug ensure you can limit your worry and focus on bathing your child. Karibu have put safety and practicality at the top of their list, and this bath is an essential product to have if you enjoy travelling.

Karibu Baby Travel Folding Bath
Karibu Baby Travel Folding Bath

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