10 Best Educational Toys for Kids in 2024

Are you looking for the best educational toys for kids that will engage them and encourage their creative minds? Look no further! We've compiled a list of the top-rated educational toys for 2024, designed for toddlers through Year Six.

Furthermore, this comprehensive guide presents the perfect STEM toys for primary schoolers and enjoyable options for preschoolers. So, dive into our guide now and find the ideal educational toy to enrich your child's development.

1. Wooden Tray Puzzle Set from Wee Gallery


The Wee Gallery wooden tray puzzle set is an ideal toy for toddlers as it promotes fine motor functions and hand-eye coordination. This toy is a great educational toy for 2-year-olds with its rounded animal shapes and offers plenty of problem-solving fun for little ones.

2. Janod Magnetic Book - Mix & Match Animals

Janod Magneti'book Mix & Match Animals, 72 magnets

This educational matching game will delight young children and be a firm favourite for 2024. The matching element of the Janod Magneti Book promotes problem-solving skills that are key for cognitive development. The book is also perfect for taking out and about thanks to its compact design.

3. Wooden Educational Weather Watch by Tender Leaf

Wooden Educational Weather Watch by Tender Leaf

Engage your child in this nature toys that encourages connecting with the outside world and play weather game. The Tender Leaf educational weather watch is a great toy for future meteorologists, who can enjoy learning about the weather and the moon's phases with this interactive toy and.

4. Tricky Words Flashcards - Reception & Year 1

Tricky Words Flashcards – Educational Toys for Reception & Year 1

These educational flash cards are perfect for children at school who are learning to read and discovering English literacy rules. The Tricky Words Flashcards teach children aged 4 to 6 how to pronounce ‘tricky’ words that need to be memorised, in a fun and engaging way. Furthermore, the compact design also makes the flashcards ideal for taking out and about.

5. Wooden Toy Clock from Tender Leaf

Wooden Toy Clock - Educational Toys for Kids

Learning to tell the time can be a challenging task. However, this colourful Bear toy clock from Tender Leaf is the ideal learning aid. Children can enjoy playing with the tactile shapes as they get to grips with time telling. It can be one of the best education toys for kids to teach time from at a very early stage. Moreover, this delightful clock stands out as one of the best educational toys for kids, providing an early and fun introduction to time-telling.

6. Sensory Wooden Rainbow Blocks


Sensory Wooden Rainbow Blocks Image

Building blocks are a classic educational toy as they promote fine motor functions and problem-solving skills. These brightly coloured blocks are a great educational toy for toddlers yet will also appeal to older children, making this a long-lasting toy that offers open-ended play.

7. Micador Sensory Drawing Pack - early stART

Best Educational Toys for Kids - Sensory Drawing Pack

Let your little ones explore their creative side with this Sensory Drawing kit from Micador. The no-drip finger paints, chalks and textured papers will appeal to children of various ages, allowing them to creatively have fun. Additionally, art supplies are a great educational tool as they help children develop their fine motor skills and express their emotions.

8. Touch & Match Board

Touch & Match Board Image from TickiT

These textured counters are an ideal educational toy for toddlers and preschoolers that will engage them in sensory play. This interactive match boarding toy has 12 counters each with a different tactile surface to explore. It will encourage children to count, match and sort while making connections to textures and colours.

9. Pocket Microscope from Natural History Museum Shop

Pocket Microscope from Natural History Museum Shop

Encourage your child to get outdoors with this interactive portable handheld microscope that is perfect for exploring nature. Its portable size makes it ideal for popping in your pocket for a walk in the woods, where your little one can examine insects and plants, developing their connection with the natural world.

10. Code & Go Robot Mouse from Science Museum Shop


Coding toys are set to be popular toys in 2024 and this Code & Go Robot is a great educational toy for older children. This award-winning Robot Mouse toy is the ideal way to introduce STEM toys and the concept of coding to children.

Final thoughts on educational toys for kids

The best way to engage children in learning is through the act of play. The National Institute of Health emphasises that playing is vital to the development of cognitive, motor, and psychosocial, emotional, and linguistic skills. Therefore by investing in interesting educational toys, you will be able to naturally support your child’s development. 

The above list offers a great selection of toys that nurture children’s creativity and cognitive skills. For example, puzzles help children learn to recognise patterns and deduce solutions whereas sensory toys help children to manage their emotions and reactions through play.

With the aid of this informative list of educational toys, you will be able to find something that engages your child’s interests. Additionally, these toys encourage learning, fostering their development through play in a natural and enjoyable manner.


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