Early Black Friday Deals on Wooden Toys and Kids Accessories

As the holiday season approaches, your little ones will have their wish lists ready. Take advantage of our Early Black Friday Deals to snag wonderful wooden toys, secure baby play gyms, and outdoor gear for your children.

Starting November 10th, our Early Black Friday deals offer the perfect opportunity to find top-quality engaging toys and accessories. These items not only ignite their creativity but also ensure joyful playtime sessions. Watch as your children enhance their fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, communication, logical reasoning, creativity, and concentration through play!

This curated list of will help you pick the best toys for your tiny tots & your adventurous children.

Baby or Infant Toys 

Baby Playtime Essentials: Discovering the World

Playtime for babies isn't just about fun—it's essential for growth and development. Soft and comfortable playmats and baby gyms develop important sensory and cognitive skills. It's perfect to practice tummy time and introduce new patterns and colours to your baby. The Minidream Wooden Play Gym with Toys & Done by Deer Sea Friends Playmat promises hours of exploration. They facilitate hand-eye coordination as your little one tries to grab the soft toys dangling from the arches. As babies are always learning new things, these play mats help them focus and learn important things about their surroundings. 


Babyy Gym Leaf Playmat Green Early Black Friday Deals

Fun Fact: As your little one engages with the activity cube, they can simultaneously reach for the hanging toys on the wooden gym. 


Early Balck Friday Deal Activity Playmat for Babies Sea Friends Blue

Fun Fact: It comes with a starfish mirror for your baby to explore their reflection. 

Complement the playmats and wooden gyms with the flexible Done by Deer Activity Spiral. It can be attached to strollers, pushchairs, etc., ensuring it keeps your baby active while they are on the go. The soft touch, the sound from the rattles and the squeaky toys can thrill your babies senses. Plus, the teether can comfort their itchy gums. 

Activity Spiral for babies early black friday deals


These thoughtfully crafted products are sure to be cherished companions in their early adventures. Additionaly, they can be great gifts for young parents too!

Preschool or Role Play Toys

Wooden Toys & Play Kitchen: Nurturing Imagination

Imaginative play is a cornerstone of childhood development, and there's no better way to facilitate it than wooden toys. Our Modern Play Kitchen, complete with a fridge, microwave, and a stove in a sleek white design, is bound to ignite culinary adventures in your little ones. 

Early black Friday Deluxe Wooden Play Kitchen

For those seeking enchantment, the Kensington Wooden Doll House offers a world of storytelling possibilities. These wooden wonders aren't just toys; they're gateways amazing pretend play sessions.

wooden dolls house on sale with early black Friday deals

Train Set Adventures: Where Learning Meets Fun

All aboard for educational excitement! The Hooga Kids Wooden Train Track Set & Play Table seamlessly blends playtime with learning. As your little conductor navigates the tracks, they'll be honing spatial awareness, fine motor skills, and imaginative thinking. This 80-piece toy set is a testament to how playtime can be a powerful tool for educational development, communication and social interactions  amongst children.

Wooden Train Set Table for Kids- Hooga Playroom

Outdoor Essentials or Accessories 

Empathy with Role Play: Liewood Lennart Doctor Play Set

Encourage empathy and compassion through imaginative role play. The Liewood Lennart Doctor Play Set, comprising six carefully crafted pieces, invites children to step into the shoes of a caring doctors and healthcare providers. This set not only fosters a sense of responsibility and empathy but also instills a positive attitude towards health and well-being.

wooden toys doctor set leiwood lennart

Hydration and Style: Liewood Falk Thermal Kids Water Bottle

Staying hydrated has never been this chic! The Liewood Falk Thermal Kids Water Bottle, with its 350ml capacity and stylish design, ensures that your little one stays refreshed throughout their play time sessions. Crafted with quality and sustainability in mind, this bottle is a testament to the seamless fusion of function and fashion.

liewood falk kids water bottle 350ml alphabet sandy

Veja Footwear: Where Style Meets Sustainability

    Veja is not just a footwear brand; it's a movement towards eco-conscious fashion. The Veja V-10 Laces Kids Trainer in White Cobalt Pekin combines trendsetting design with an eco-friendly ethos. Crafted from sustainable materials, these unisex trainers for kids can provide ultimate comfort while they play outdoors for long hours. These sneakers are perfect for any sporting activity or can be a ideal for just a stroll in the park too!


    This Black Friday treat your children safe wooden toys that spark their imagination and keep them happy with accessories when they play outdoors. The early bird gets the best deals, so don't miss out on getting upto 50% off on the wide selection toys from SmallsmartsHappy shopping! 

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