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Baby Activity & Play Mats

Give your baby a stimulating and safe place to explore and grow with our collection of top-rated baby play mats......Read More
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Give your baby a stimulating and safe place to explore and grow with our collection of top-rated baby play mats. These mats and baby activity toys are designed to engage your little one's senses, promote motor skills, and support their cognitive development. Baby activity and play mats are a great way to keep your child entertained and engaged while also helping them to develop important cognitive, motor, and sensory skills. 

Looking for a fun and educational baby toy? These collections include play mats and other baby activity toys that not only entertain your child but also aid in neural development through sensory stimulation such as tactile exploration. Invest in a musical playmat and baby activity toys today to provide your baby with a fun and educational experience!

There are a huge number of benefits to using baby playmats; here are just a few:

Convenience - Playmats are an excellent way to keep your baby happy and busy both at home and when you're out. They’re lightweight and portable (making them easy to take on the go), making it easy to set up playtime anywhere!

Safe space: Starting from birth, your baby is learning to navigate the world around them. Playtime is one of the first steps in developing these exploration skills. The soft textures and supportive foam of baby playmats allow them to do this safely and comfortably while practising rolling over and sitting up away from hard or potentially dangerous surfaces.

Sense of touch: The sense of touch is essential for babies because it helps them explore their surroundings. One way that they can do this is by touching different textures and feeling the fabrics, plastic toys, and soft animals attached to their activity gym. This will encourage curiosity about new things! 

Cognitive development: Babies need stimulation to develop their cognitive skills. Playmats provide a variety of colours, textures, and sounds that a baby requires to learn. The engaging experience provided by a baby playmat can stimulate cognitive development from a very young age.

Motor skills and hand-eye coordination: By the time your baby is 3 months old, they'll have probably reached the grasping stage. The most important thing at this stage of development is getting children exposed to as many different things as possible so they can develop skills naturally without explicit instruction or coaching. The dangling objects encourage reaching, which starts what is often referred to as 'active' playtime.

Muscle development: Tummy time is not only fun but also a critical stage in the development of muscles. A playmat enables your little one to work out crucial supporting structures that will eventually help them to roll over, sit up, crawl, and walk. A playmat provides an excellent space for tummy-time activities that gives infants many opportunities to explore their surroundings while developing strength. A mat designed for tummy time provides a comfortable space that allows babies' rooms to move around freely without any risk of falling off or getting hurt.

Baby Activity & Play Mats FAQs

What is the difference between a baby play gym and an activity mat?

There is little to no difference between baby gyms and activity mats; the name just varies depending on personal preference and where you are purchasing from. Both items are typically soft and comfortable mats featuring textured, musical, or interactive toys that encourage your baby to explore their surroundings. Baby play gyms and activity mats are a great way to encourage infant development through play, and it is recommended that you encourage your baby to use them from around three to nine months. Some additional features can even be added to baby play gyms and activity mats to keep their age relevant and ensure your little one is consistently interested and stimulated while using them.

How do you clean a baby playmat?

As a baby grows, they have very little muscle control, which means they're prone to accidental spills and mess-making. Playmats provide a surface that is soft and easy to clean up, no matter what gets spilt on it! Baby play mats are typically made of baby-safe and comfortable materials that are suitable for sensitive skin, such as cotton. Therefore, they can often be cleaned in the washing machine. Instructions may vary depending on which playmat you purchase, so make sure to check these beforehand!

Shop now for the ultimate baby play mat! The Small Smart UK collection features the best brands, features, and prices to ensure your little one has the perfect space to learn, grow, and have fun.

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