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Baby Baths & Towels

Looking for a bathtub that's easy to store and suitable for family travel? Look no further than the Karibu more
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Looking for a bathtub that's easy to store and suitable for family travel? Look no further than the Karibu foldable baby bath! This innovative design is made with convenience in mind. Featuring a heat sensitive bath plug, soap sponge, and built-in hook, the anti-slip design keeps your baby safe and comfortable while you bathe them. Plus the baby-safe materials are gentle on their skin. Make your little one's bath time easy with the Karibu foldable baby bath.

What are the essential bath features of a baby bath?

Baby baths are designed with specific features to make them safe and easy to use. Some of these features are as follows:

Portable - baby baths can often be used as a stand alone item or can fit inside larger sinks and bathtubs. Many are foldable or inflatable, meaning they can fold flat and feature a carrying handle to make them ideal for easy storage and portable for travel. 

Non-slip - Baby baths tend to be made of non-slip materials for maximum safety. This non slip material makes sure your baby does not slip inside the bath as well as preventing the bath itself slipping around in the bath or wherever it is being used.

Plug - Some baby baths have their own stoppers that help you regulate both the amount and temperature of water in the bath. This is good for safety and comfort as well as being better for the environment as it helps reduce water waste that is so common during little one's bath time.

Temperature indicator - A very handy addition that of many baby baths is the temperature gauge. This can either be built into the design of the bath or will come as an additional accessory that can be purchased with the product. The Karibu baby bath features built in temperature indication as an attached function. This is such an important feature because a little ones skin is very sensitive, and this will show you immediately if the water is too hot or cold. 

Stable Design - Babies can be very wriggly, and in a slippy bath this can be a recipe for disaster. That is why baby baths are designed to stand securely to prevent tipping. Even foldable baths should be stable and offer maximum support.

It is important to note that the above features will manifest themselves differently depending on the baby bath. However, if the design you have chosen does not feature every single one of these, don’t worry. It is ultimately up to you to decide on which features are essential for you and your baby depending on their typical behaviour during bath times and remember, most of these features can be purchased separately as add ons in case it turns out that you are missing something.

Bath time safety tips 

Babies love to splash in the water, but they're too young to wash themselves. Therefore, bathing your baby is an important part of their early development. After all, it's the time when they're most vulnerable to germs and illnesses. Here are some top tips to ensure this process is as safe as possible for both you and baby.

  • Frequency: It is not recommended that you start to bathe your baby until the umbilical cord has fallen off and fully healed (around six to eight weeks after birth). Until this point when they are old enough for a proper bath once or twice a week, simply use a wet muslin or cloth to gently clean their skin.

  • Temperature: The perfect bath temperature for your baby encompasses both the room's temperature as well as the water. You should ensure that the room is at least 22 degrees Celsius in order not to risk any discomfort going from cold skin to hot water. For the water you can go as high as 38°C if needed but start lower and work your way up to a comfortable temperature.

Duration: The duration of the bath will depend on how old your baby is and how much they enjoy bath time. During the first two months of regular bathing, we recommend a duration of 5 to 10 minutes as a longer bath could cause a drop in water and therefore body temperature. The bath can be extended by about 5 minutes per month of life per your little one's enjoyment.

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