7 Best Outdoor Toys & Garden Games for Kids in the UK

Are you looking for some inspiration for outdoor play and garden activities for your little ones? Look no further! 

We've compiled a list of the seven best outdoor toys and garden games for kids that are guaranteed to keep them entertained and engaged. 

Let's dive in!

1. Mud Kitchen: Best Outdoor Play Kitchen

Who doesn't love a good outdoor kitchen playtime?

Mud kitchens are all the rage, and it's easy to see why! They provide hours of imaginative play and hands-on learning. Check out this luxurious wooden mud kitchen from Small Smart, complete with a sink and hob for your little chefs. It is also designed to accommodate 2-3 children to play and learn together. Which provides a fun and educational experience that promotes the development of children's essential social and communication skills. 

Fun Fact: Mud kitchens help develop fine motor skills and sensory awareness! 

Child playing outdoors with Mud Kitchen

2. Outdoor Toys

Outdoor toys are toys we all know and love and they never fail to make us smile and have fun.

From giant bubble wands to wooden tree swings, outdoor garden toys can make your backyard the ultimate play space. Swings like this are a truly beautiful way to get your kids outside for a fun activity that’s incredibly traditional. It can provide hours of light-hearted fun, without having to rely on anything too technical or modern!

Top Tip: Rotate your garden toys regularly to keep things fresh and exciting! Try talking to your friends who are also parents and you can trade toys to save on buying new ones!

3. Traditional Garden Games for Kids 

Create lasting memories with fun garden games like lawn darts or a family-friendly game of rounders.

Small Smart offers a range of timeless garden games that are perfect for kids and grown-ups alike. Even garden toys, like these garden flower stacking rings, are great ways to encourage outdoor play.

Fun Fact: Garden games help develop teamwork and social skills, both for kids and parents alike!

Classic World Stacking Rings Flower Garden 

4. Wooden Garden Games for Kids

Add a splash of colour to your garden with some fun games designed specifically for kids. Take Croquet, as an example. 

This beautiful wooden kit is an easy and impeccably modern introduction to the game that’s also perfect for all ages and promotes hand-eye coordination. It will keep the whole family entertained for hours.

Top Tip: Choose games that can be adapted for different age groups so everyone can join in! 

Kids Playing Croquet

5. Outdoor Play for Children

While we've covered the fun kind of outdoor games. Now what about some other kinds of toys that allow your children to really engage with being outside while creating their own type of fun?

Encourage physical activities and creativity with outdoor play equipment, like climbing frames or trampolines. Your little ones will love this gorgeous teepee tent – a fantastic stylish addition to any garden when the weather is great! 

There are few better ways to engage your children when it comes to playing outside, with setting up tents and play stations like this. It creates a safe shelter that allows for all kids of imaginative play, whether you’re playing princesses in the castle or camping out as a soldier’s base

Fun Fact: Outdoor play helps improve balance, coordination, and overall fitness!
Hooga Kids Teepee Play Tent Canvas Play House

6. Kids Outdoor Activities

Returning to nature with gardening, bug hunting, or bird watching. Why not try these walking nature cards to encourage your kids to find and learn about local wildlife?

In addition, you can get the adventures started by using a trail kit that helps connect your children to the beautiful outside world and everything it offers. The more opportunities your children have to remember their great times outdoors, the more engaged and excited they’ll be to do it all again next time!

Top Tip: Create a nature journal to record your outdoor discoveries! That way, you can keep a log of everything you've found to remember all the best bits!

Tender Leaf Kids Forest Trail Kit

7. Child Outdoor Play Equipment

Last but not least, invest in some high-quality child outdoor play equipment. Whether you're playing in a pool or simply laying out on the beach and using some of those all-important tools to build, dig, and play, this kind of play is perfect for encouraging sensory play and exploration. Take Liewood's Dante beach set with you for the perfect day at the beach! It comes with a bucket, a shovel, and 4 beach moulds in fun animal shapes.

Fun Fact: Sand and water play help develop problem-solving skills and creativity!

Liewood Dante Beach Set Water Toys Bucket & Spade

Over to you!

There you have it – our top seven outdoor toys and garden games for kids in the UK! 

With these fabulous options, your little ones will be begging to spend more time outside, enjoying the fresh air and exploring the great outdoors.

So, head on over to Small Smart to discover their fantastic range of bespoke, luxury toys that are perfect for outdoor play.

Remember, outdoor play provides a fun and engaging environment for your children and contributes to their physical, cognitive, and emotional development. 

So, go ahead and turn your garden into a wonderland of adventure and learning for your little ones. 

Happy playing! 🌞🍃🌼

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