Six Fun Christmas Indoor & Outdoor Activities to Play with Kids

Make this holiday season special by spending quality time with your children with fun family games and special indoor activities at home and outdoors!

As the world outside transforms into a snowy wonderland, it's the perfect time to play imaginative games and screen-free activities with your little ones. We understand the allure of digital entertainment, especially when the temperature drops, but there's something special about spending quality time engaged in hands-on activities that ignite joy and curiosity with the family. 

Here are are our top six indoor Christmas activities and family games for some serious family fun time this holiday season.  

The Very Special Indoor Activity Tee-Pee!

Recreate the beautiful holiday scene from The Holiday! Remember how Sophie, Olivia, Amanda, and Graham crawl into their cozy pink tee-pee? You can do that too! Use blankets, cushions, or plush toys, and invite mum and dad for fun indoor Christmas activities. It encourages storytelling, role-playing, and cozy reading sessions within the walls of these cute makeshift rooms. Plus, its one of those memorable indoor activities at home your little ones will always remember!

Holiday Indoor Activity for Kids Teepee Hooga

Baking and Sharing Christmas Treats Together

If you have to ask us what's the best indoor Christmas activity, we would say BAKE BAKE BAKE! Making sweet somethings and sharing them with each other is the best way to spend time with your little ones! Have them create snowflake-shaped cookies or gingerbread houses. It can be challenging but its worth all the memories! Let your little ones organise a bake sale too, if they like.

Children Baking Indoor Activity for Holiday Christmas

Construction Can be a Great Indoor Activity

Not all kiddos want to bake or decorate fascinating teepees, some of them want to be "Bob the Builder"! Give your little ones a handy workbench or a toolbox!Engage your little ones in fun indoor activities for Christmas with these adorable wooden workbenches! Watch as boys and girls learn to hammer, drill, and tackle DIY projects, fostering problem-solving skills for a confident future.

Indoor Activity Role Play Construction Wooden Toys Tender Leaf Toys

Family Games during Winter Walks

Bundle up in warm layers and venture outside for calm and fun-filled winter walks. It's a great way to explore your snowy neighbourhood and all the Christmas decorations. Don't forget to play a few fun games with your little ones though. A simple colour or letter scavenger hunt will be a great idea to keep your little ones thinking. Additionally, you can ask them to spot a Magpies or Squirrels on the way!

Indoor Treasure Hunt Activity for the Laughs

Create lasting memories with indoor treasure hunts. For indoor hunts, hide those small wooden animal toys (stacking toys) and ask your little ones to hunt for them! It's a great way to get your children to be active during the holidays (giggles guaranteed ūüôÉ!).¬†

Stacking Toy Indoor Activity Treasure Hunt

Games for the Day and the Night

Ever heard of dominoes, marble runs, and Tinderbox? Your enthusiastic kids will love it when you set up a domino rally or build a complicated marble run with them! But wait... have you heard of Tinderblox? Oh, this tiny family game will get the whole family gripped! Try and get your family to assemble a 3D campfire without knocking it down. Sounds like fun, right?  


Fun Family Games Tinderblox Alley Cat


Well, these are our favourite indoor and outdoor Christmas activities. What are yours? Try these indoor activities out with your little ones and enjoy the holiday season! 

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