Ultimate Guide to Baby Blankets

Having a baby blanket can be very vital in soothing, distracting and bringing contentment to your little ones day to day life. Your baby's first blanket is likely to be a swaddle blanket. Swaddle blankets bring a sense of familiarity to your baby, as it resembles what they felt like in the womb. Also a swaddle blanket tends to be used in hospitals right after a baby is born.

The 'Lulujo Bamboo Hat and Swaddle Blanket' would make for a great first blanket for your baby girl or baby boy, with its unisex design. A baby blanket is also a perfect present, when gift wrapped it can be a great gift for a baby shower or a Christmas present for an expecting parent.

Lulujo Bamboo Hat and Swaddle Blanket

A baby blanket is also a perfect way for your baby to associate it with sleep time as it brings a sense of familiarity, warmth and comfort. Which further helps your baby to feel more content, snug and secure when they are tired and ready for a nap.

The older your child gets they will get more of a sense of security and independence, which might come from something like a blanket or favourite teddy bear. Sentimental things like this give your little one comfort in something else other than a parent which is great for your child's development and social skills. The Done by Deer Comfort Blanket Raffi would be perfect for your little one as they could take it anywhere with them on the go, on car journeys, weekends away or when you're running errands. During the winter months, having a nice snug blanket is also a great way to stay warm and cosy.

Done by Deer Comfort Blanket Raffi

Done by Deer Comfort Blanket Raffi 

Sensory Blankets

Baby blankets play a big part in children's sensory stimulation and can also be important in your child's development. Depending on the blanket, they can provide visual stimulation, enjoyment and keep your baby interested whilst developing their sense through sight and touch. Baby blankets can come in different materials and have different textures, which can provide visual stimulation whilst they're still young.

Is Swaddling My Baby Safe?

When swaddling your baby, it is important that you use thin breathable materials which are not too heavily layered. Make sure that you don’t wrap the swaddle too tight. Tight swaddling can stop your baby's hips and knees moving freely and is not recommended. Swaddling your baby too tightly might cause hip dysplasia, which is where the hip does not form correctly.

It is important when swaddling your baby, not to cover your little one's head and to always ensure your baby is sleeping on their back. When swaddling your baby it should only be done when they’re still a newborn, as once they start being able to roll over they should be transitioned off swaddling.

Peaceful Sleep

As a new mum we know how difficult it can be for your little one to settle down and get into a comfortable sleeping routine. Swaddling your baby can help them feel at  ease and calm. Research shows how important baby blankets are for your child's growth and development.

The Jollein Waffle Blanket makes a lovely addition to any room or can be used on the go to keep your little one cosy and warm. The waffle print with the knitted inside allows the blanket to breathe and naturally insulate, keeping them warm during the winter yet allowing air and decreasing moisture in the summer.

The blanket is extremely durable and is capable of regular washes at 60c making a great home comfort that will last and grow up with them.

Jollein Blanket Waffle Blanket

Jollein Blanket Waffle Blanket

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