6 Most Meaningful and Memorable Christmas Gifts for Newborns!

Christmas is a time for giving, and what better way to start your child's life than by giving them the best gifts money can buy? 

Well, actually - we might have just found an even better way! 

How about choosing a personal and unique gift that will be remembered long after the Christmas wrapping paper has been binned?

If you're stuck for ideas, don't worry - we've got you covered! This guide will discuss some of the most meaningful and memorable Christmas gifts for newborns. So whether you're buying for your own little one or someone else's bundle of joy, read on!

Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Newborns

1. Welcome Little Baby Gift Box

There's no better way to welcome a newborn baby into the world than a gift box that has it all. Sophie la Girafe has just the gift box for you.

With gift boxes designed for both boys and girls, you'll find some beautiful little products that are amazing for newborn babies and looking after them in the gentlest possible way and also help the parents out big time!

Each kit has products like Tiny Humans Baby Shampoo, 0-3 months baby socks, and specially designed Baby photo cards for capturing all those beautiful moments you'll want to treasure forever.


Newborn Gifts


Check out the Welcome Baby Gift Box here!

2. Sophie la Girafe Birth Gift Set

While talking about gift sets, here's another bespoke gift box; the Awakening Book and Gift Set from Sophie la Girafe. This brand is known for its stunning aesthetic, and it's sure to melt the hearts of parents and newborns alike.

With each set, you'll find a giraffe-inspired baby toy and teether, the Awakening Book that's designed to look great and provide four sensory activities for the baby, and a lovely Handle Rattle with a giraffe ball that spins and twirls. 

Everything you need to capture the imagination and to give a beautiful gift for newborns this Christmas!


Newborn Gifts


Check out the Sophie la Girafe Birth Gift Set here!

3. A Beautiful Newborn Playmat

You can never understate how beloved a playmat will be. It's one of a child's most used possessions that are so often overlooked. Fortunately, you don't need to settle for a plain mat with no personality.

Instead, discover these beautiful playmat designs inspired by nature, some calming characters, or just aesthetic design. Here are some to explore;

MiniDream Leaf Baby Activity Playmat: White | Mustard | Turquoise | Blue


Newborn Gifts

Shop the Done by Deer Activity Playmat

4. WWF Plush Soft Toy

For the more eco-inspired parents, why not help do your bit to save the animals and give the newborn a toy they're going to absolutely love? The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is one of the world's most well-known charities. By purchasing their soft toys, you get to enjoy the beautiful plushies and help the charity with its continued efforts.

Support WWF with their white alpaca toy here.

5. Picca Loulou Whale in Gift Box

The Picca LouLou Collection is one of the most popular luxury baby brands in the world, and a fantastic example of their quality comes from the Whale Gift Box. Packaged in a beautiful, dream-styled box containing the cutest whale toy that sports an inviting smile and a lovely pom pom hat.

Discover the Picca LouLou collection yourself here! They even have an adorable lion collection if this is more your style!


Newborn Gifts

Picca Loulou Whale in Gift Box


Newborn Gifts


6. Lulujo Baby Milestone Blanket and Card Set

Finishing off our list of the best Christmas gifts for newborns, we have something special for your little one.

While there are all the tried and tested ways to record and remember a newborn's first year, the most interesting and unique is surely the Lulujo milestone blanket. With a stunning yet calming mountain background, this blanket is soft enough for everyday use, especially during those colder months.

However, this blanket really shines as the design creates the perfect, wild-styled frame for any beautiful moments the parents want to capture over the first year or so. It's a beautiful take on traditional blankets and one that's sure to leave a lasting impression this year.

Newborn Gifts


Shop Lulujo Baby Milestone Blanket and Card Set here!

As you can see, there are so many different gift ideas, yet all of them offer a gorgeous aesthetic that both newborns and parents will love this Christmas.

Check out the Small Start store today for all the gift ideas and products you could ever need, whatever the occasion.

You're sure to find something to be treasured this holiday season!

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