Baby Travel Essentials - Safe Car Journeys for Babies

Travel plays a huge part in our day-to-day lives, whether that’s getting to work, going on holiday, or simply enjoying a day out in the sunshine. These tasks that required minimal effort are made significantly harder when you add a little one into the equation! There’s a huge range of products that can help manage things whilst taking your child on a trip of any distance. Here we have picked a few that we believe assist in making your journey’s easier to handle.

Modes of transport are a new and exciting environment for your child. Whether your newborn is experiencing their first ever car journey, or your infant needs to be kept occupied for longer periods of time, there are different options to keep your children both safe and entertained. 

- Choosing the Right Car Seat

Finding a safe, versatile and easy to use car seat can be time-consuming and leave you asking lots of questions.

The Kiddy Evolution Pro 2 car seat could be the perfect solution for keeping your newborn safe and secure during their time in the car. The patented Kiddy Lie-Flat (KLF) Technology that allows your baby to lie flat outside of the car, reducing the risks associated with traditional upright infant carriers. Specially designed for the needs of premature and newborn infants, the lie-flat position is recommended by Midwives and Paediatricians, as the ergonomics help with the development of the spine. The carrier can be securely fitted in your car with the Isofix Base 2. It can also be added to their own pushchair frame or onto any compatible pushchair for when you reach your destination.


Kiddy Evolution Pro2 Car Seat 

- Entertain and Keep Your Child Calm

Keeping your child occupied so you can focus on the road is a priority for any driving parent. Once your child is safely secured you will want to make sure they are kept busy for the majority of your trip or comfortable enough to fall asleep!

Skip Hop has designed a portable baby travel soother that will keep your baby entertained for the journey ahead. Attaching to your car seat, pram, changing bag and anywhere else appropriate for your child. With volume controls and auto-off timer settings, you can adjust the soothing accordingly. Simple stylish design helps make your little one’s car journeys more enjoyable.



- Moving Your Child Without Waking Them

Once you have reached your destination, your little one may still be fast asleep. Moving them out of your car and into a pushchair or carrycot can easily wake your child, so finding a way for them to stay asleep can be a hard job. Being warm and comfortable can determine how your baby sleeps, and whether they are more likely to wake up.

Snugglebundl has designed a blanket that can be used with car seats. Soft and snuggly, the baby wrap supports their neck and allows you to lift your baby without the stress of waking them from sleep. Strong, soft padded handles make lifting straightforward and the versatile design means it can be used as a play mat.


Baby In Blanket and car seat

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