How do Anti-Colic Bottles Work?

For expectant parents, you may have noticed special bottles called ‘Anti-Colic’ bottles but what do they actually do?

Colic is something most babies will experience and can be a big challenge for parents. Especially if you’re first time mums and dads. In this SmartSmall article, we will look at how Anti-Colic bottles work, how they can prevent your baby from becoming colic-y and improve the wellbeing of your child. But first…

What is colic?

All babies cry. Everyone knows that.

However, colic is different. If your little one is crying for more than 3 hours a day and you can’t understand why they may have colic. While most parents can normally deduce if your child needs their nappy changed or are hungry, colic is when your baby cries a lot more but there is no apparent reason why.

It is a condition that can make your baby uncomfortable and it can be difficult to provide them with relief.

Here are some common symptoms of colic, besides excessive crying without a clear reason:

  • Unable to soothe or settle your baby
  • Your baby clenches their fists
  • Their face becomes red
  • They bring their knees up to their abdomen or arches their backs
  • Unsettled stomach or they’re very windy
  • Your baby could be oversensitive or overstimulated by light or noise

While there is no exact cause for colic, many believe it is caused by trapped wind consumed during a feeding. This air builds up in their stomach, causing discomfort.

This is why colic can be a huge challenge, especially for first-time parents. While a messy nappy or being hungry are issues mum and dad can work out quite quickly, it can be difficult to work out the exact cause of your child’s colic.

How can Anti-Colic Bottles Prevent Colic?

Anti-Colic Bottles are designed to allow air to enter the bottle as your baby feeds. This reduces the amount of air they swallow while allowing an even flow during feedings.

When using a traditional bottle, air can slip through your baby’s lips and the bottles’ nipple. This can build up in the stomach. This may be a cause for colic and cause your child discomfort.

This is done by designing anti-colic teats. These are made to both mimic a natural breast as well as reducing air being swallowed. This can be done in a number of ways. One is by adding an additional hole in the nipple, which allows air to pass into the bottle without disrupting a feeding. There is a wide range of anti-colic bottles and accessories available for parents to help prevent colic.

Twistshake Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

Twistshake Anti-Colic Baby Bottle 

Twistshake is a leading baby brand that specialises on creating innovative baby bottles and accessories that are designed to prevent colic. Their range of Anti-Colic Bottles is built with their unique Anti-Colic teats and a mixing net, which prevents undissolved formula lumps from clogging the teat during feeding and allowing your child swallowing air. Twistshake’s Anti-Colic Teats are designed to resemble a mother’s nipple. It’s Anti-Colic Vault reduces air being swallowed during feeding while delivering an even flow.

Their anti-colic products have been cleverly designed to be handy and easy to clean after feeding your little one. That and their colic prevention design, it is why Twistshake is popular with mums and dads.

We understand how colic can be distressing for both the parents and the baby. That is why we team up with brands such as Twistshake to provide you with the very best products. Check out Twistshake and our other anti-colic products today.

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