How To Wrap Up Your Child This Winter?

With winter truly upon us, it is important to keep your baby nice and warm. With this time of year, once you become under the weather, it can be very difficult to shake it. So staying warm and dry is a priority for parents.

However, sometimes this can be easier said than done. Babies have a habit of squirming out blankets or fighting their way out of scratchy jumpers.

In this blog, we look at easy tips and tricks to keep your little one snug and warm for this winter season.

How can I keep my baby warm at night?

It is important to keep your child warm during the night, however this can be more difficult than it sounds.

It is vital to understand that, while your baby needs to be snug and toastie at night, your baby should not be too warm. Overheating your baby has been shown as a link to increasing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, also known as SIDS or cot death.

It is why parents should invest in a thermometer or device to carefully monitor the room temperature. Especially if your baby is sleeping in their room. Their bedroom should be between 16 degrees c and 20 degrees c with 18 degrees c as the ideal temperature for your child. A thermometer is a handy tool to have when programming or setting up your radiators or electric heaters, calculating the perfect heat.

As your baby gets older, they become more adventurous and begin looking to explore the world around them. This is not confined to a certain time of day and one problem parents have this time of year is their children wiggling and crawling out of blankets at night. That is why parents are investing in sleeping bags that are designed to keep them warm.

Done by Deer Sleepy Bag Tog 2.5 - Dreamy Dots White

Done by Deer Sleepy Bag Tog 2.5 - Dreamy Dots White

How can I keep my baby warm while out and about?

Naturally, when you take your baby out, it is vital to wrap up with a coat and layers. This however, can be more difficult when they begin walking.

It is why parents need to take care in picking clothes and coats that fit well and are comfortable to wear. Also, it is important to check that they are sufficiently padded and warm. It can be easy for mum and dads to pick clothes that are stylish or the latest trend but, more often or not, the design is more for looks than function.

The same applies to hats. Parents tend to choose style over substance when it comes to headgear for their little ones. Much like grown-ups, you need to choose a winter hat can protect them from the elements. This could be wind, rain or even snow.

Little Hotdog Watson Arctic Cub Kids Trapper Hat - Moose Wave

Blankets are important to keeping your child both warm and comfortable. They’re a must-have wherever you go. There has been some interesting developments in blankets and how parents can wrap up their little ones.

One issue some parents have is that they, feel they can not properly wrap up their children in a car seat. It can be quite difficult with their babies kicking out from underneath or comfortably securing the belt buckles over it. Naturally, you don’t want to worry about that while you’re driving. That is why MeZooMe Sleeping bags are an interesting way to better wrap up your child.

MeZooMe Sleeping Bags are designed to provide the extra warmth and comfort that comes with a blanket but in a unique, new design. Made with the highest quality of materials and created to provide safe snugness, MeZooMe Sleeping Bags are perfect for helping keep your child warm this winter.


MeZooMe Sleeping Bag for Infant 100% Organic Cotton


MeZooMe Sleeping Bag for Infant 100% Organic Cotton

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