Best Kids Water Bottles with Straw

Looking for a fun and functional way to keep your little one hydrated? Look no further than our water bottle with straw collection! Coming in a range of sizes, this eco-friendly option is perfect for kids, as it attaches directly to the bottle and helps eliminate the need for single use plastics. Plus, they’re easy to use, keeping your little one hydrated after hours of play. Browse our selection today and find your perfect water bottle!

Liewood Falk Thermal Kids Water Bottle

Why is a reusable water bottle for kids a good investment?

Reusable water bottles for kids are a great investment because they discourage the use of single-use plastic bottles that end up in landfills and contribute to the climate crisis. Getting kids more interested in eco-friendly products from a young age will mean they grow up more conscious of their lifestyle choices and how these can impact the environment. With these reusable water bottles, not only do you get a thoughtful product, but also one that will last a long time and withstand plenty of use.

B.Box Kids Drinking Bottle

Here at Small Smart, we know that kids can be messy. Many water bottles out there have intricate designs or fancy straw systems, but when it actually comes down to it they often spill when dropped or bumped. Therefore our collection of durable and long-lasting  kids water bottles with straws are designed to be leakproof making them the perfect bottles for little ones who are always on the go!

How much water should my child be drinking every day?

It's recommended that children drink water every single day as it helps to keep their bodies hydrated and functioning properly which can greatly encourage both mental and physical development. If your child is active, they will likely need more water than if they are inactive. And hot weather or strenuous activities can also increase the need for additional fluids. If your child doesn't like drinking water, Small Smart’s collection of water bottles with straws are a great way to get your child drinking more liquids. The sleek designs and fun patterns mean your little one will be more excited to carry their bottle with them wherever they go and if this doesn’t persuade them (we doubt it) try adding some flavor to their water with slices of their favourite fruit or cucumbers!

B.Box Sippy Cup 240ml

How to clean a kid's water bottle with straw? 

There are a few different ways to effectively clean your kids water bottle and attached straw to ensure maximum hygiene. It is recommended that you wash the water bottle every day that it is used with soap and warm water. This is especially important if you include fruit slices or flavour drops in your water as the bottle can become sticky and unhygienic. Rinse out with clear water, and drain thoroughly. To prevent bacteria growing, allow the water bottle to dry thoroughly overnight before reusing or putting it away into the cupboard.

At least once a week, follow the washing and rinsing with a sanitising step. Sanitise with a dilute cleaning solution appropriate for kitchenware will ensure that no dirt or bacteria is in the water bottle or stuck in the straw. Again, allow the bottle to thoroughly air-dry after washing. As a bonus tip, use a soft bottle brush to really ensure that you get all parts of the bottle during the cleaning process or if suitable, put the bottle with straw into the dishwasher. If the bottle is dishwasher safe and you choose this method of cleaning, make sure that you place the bottle on the top rack and that you do not put it in with any other dishes that have sharp edges, as this could damage the bottle or straw.

3 Sprouts Kids Water Bottle

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