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EASY TRAVEL - Days Out to Explore

EASY TRAVEL - Days Out to Explore

Getting out of the house and experiencing the outdoors is an essential part of growing and developing your child. Taking your baby on a walk through the park or along a country trail allows parents to exercise whilst maintaining contact with each other. The size and age of your child will impact whether you take them in a pram or pushchair. Finding the right product to take full advantage of taking your little one on days out can be made easier by choosing one with multiple functions.

- Walks in the City

As parents we want our child to be as safe and comfortable as possible. This feeling is heightened when out and about with your precious little one.

The Allis Venus 2 in 1 Baby Travel Pushchair & Carry Cot is a great choice for any parent wanting dual functionality from a single product.

Elegantly designed, swapping between pushchair and carrycot on the go is no hassle at all. Having the option to switch the function of their preferred mode of transport is of great benefit. Your child may want to rest whilst out, this pushchair & carrycot combination allows them to do just that! Its strong frame and lockable 360°swivel wheels make the pushchair extremely sturdy and maneuverable. The large shopping basket area underneath makes for a great storage space, but attaching a changing bag to the handle would be dependent on how much you need to take for both yourself and your child.

Allis Venus 2-in-1 Pushchair/ Travel Cot - Grey

- Hands-free Parenting

Some parents prefer the intimacy of carrying their child to using a pushchair or pram. Keeping your young child close to your body helps with bonding and transfer of your own body heat to keep your child warm. Carrying your child also allows them to have a better perspective of the exciting world around them.

Finding the right carrier that suits both you and your child can be a hard task, as like many things in life, it is all down to personal preference. Izmi have designed a carrier that means you can enjoy the softness of a fabric sling, with the support and comfort of a buckled carrier. Imzi have focused on creating a comfortable, lightweight product that has the freedom of using multiple carrying positions to suit parent and child. Your health is just as important as your child’s, and with the supportive design, distributing weight as your baby grows keeps pressure off the parents’ back.

As a parent we want our children to experience as much as possible, travelling to any extent is a great way to discover new things and get your little one used to the big world outside of the home. Parents want products that make their life easy and allow their child to have the safest and most comfortable journey, no matter the distance! These few products we have selected are sure to make travelling with your child a pleasure.

Izmi Cotton Baby Carrier

- Countryside Walks

Days out with your baby can be very beneficial. A city walk can be a great day out, but sometimes it is worth travelling slightly further to experience the great outdoors and escape the atmosphere of the busy city. Taking your child along a country trail lets them breathe fresh air and get used to the sights, sounds and smells of nature. Finding the right options to take your baby along with you can be difficult, but a strong, sturdy and specifically designed pushchair may be the perfect solution.

Micralite produce high quality pushchairs that are suited to different environments. If you’re looking for something specifically for the outdoors, the Micralite FastFold may be the right option. Its revolutionary all-terrain, quick fold design makes country walks simple and therefore more enjoyable. Puncture resistant, large off-road back tyres cross wide gaps with ease and mean you can tackle the roughest of trails. Micralite have focused on creating a product that is design for use outside. The 20k rated waterproof fabric and UPF 50 sun protection mean that whatever the weather may throw at you, your little one will remain dry and out of harmful UV rays.

Micralite Fastfold Stroller

- Keep Your Baby Busy with Travel Toys

When they are very young, your child will be trying hard to understand what they can see. The mode of transport you wish to take your baby in can restrict your little one’s ability to look at new and exciting things. If your newborn is experiencing their first time outdoors, they are likely to be lying in a pram/carrycot. An effective way to keep them calm and entertained is by using travel toys. These allow your child to touch, bite, squeeze and pull and are usually colourful making them interesting for the eyes.

A great example of this is the Activity Spiral from Done by Deer. Designed to both delight and entertain your baby, the interesting colours and elegant design helps stimulate your little one providing a range of activities to keep them occupied.

The spiral shape and integral ties allow it to be attached to a cot, car seat or pushchair, hanging at arms length for your child. The 3 toys include one that crackles when squeezed, a padded mirror and a PE teether. Offering different types of stimulation to your child helps develop their senses and hand eye co-ordination.

Done by Deer Activity Spiral

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