What to Look for When Choosing a Nappy Bag

Nappy bags are essential for any parent and it is important to find the right one for you and your child. Whether you’re thinking of taking your newborn out for a small trip to the shops or across the country to introduce them to the grandparents, having your nappy bag by your side is vital for every step of the way. A versatile accessory for any expecting parents, the perfect changing bag is a must-have.

However, when shopping for the right nappy bag for you, it can be more difficult than it sounds. There are so many different designs and sizes available right now with some better made than others. It can be difficult to tell from one bag from another.

So looking at different features and facets of nappy bags you need to consider before you make a purchase.

What do you need to know about nappy bags?

Is there enough space?

As well as being spacious and the right size for you, you need to look at how it uses that space and whether it is right for you. That is why you need to look at how these bags would divide this space up.

Do you think the nappy bag you’re looking at has the right pockets and compartments for you?

This is especially important to consider if you’re planning to take creams, bottles and baby food. If a bottle spills or bursts, well-placed pockets and compartments can prevent disasters such as ruining spare clothes and toys.




Skip Hop Bento Meal-to-Go Changing Bag - Black

How will you carry it?

You need to imagine yourself carrying the bag. Would it be slung over your shoulder and out of your way? Can you hang it from your pram? Can it be use easily when you are at the airport or on the train?

When choosing a nappy bag, you should consider how you would carry it about. If you’re used to carrying a sizeable bag over your shoulder or on your elbow, then that would be the ideal bag for you. If not, maybe a backpack nappy bag would be a better fit for you?

You must pick a bag you are comfortable carrying. Allis LUX changing backpack has a strap on the back will fit on top of your suitcase, and with a large pocket for your passport and flight tickets that is easy to get when you are at the airport with your baby.

Allis LUX Changing Backpack

Easy to clean

Babies make a mess and your nappy bag needs to be prepared for that. As well as having space for wipes and tissues, it needs to be easy to wipe down and wash.

Space for a changing mat?

When out and about, being able to bring your changing mat wherever you go can be a lifesaver. One of the annoying things you will find as a parent is that not all restaurants and shopping centres offer adequate changing facilities. Also, when you’re out and about, you have to make the most of any given situation. So having a nappy bag which has enough space for a changing mat is an important thing to keep in mind.

Even with places that do have changing tables or changing mats, it is still better to bring your own.


Allis Plus Changing Bag Backpack

Adjustable straps

 A simple feature to have but many parents overlook, your perfect nappy bag should have adjustable straps. Naturally, this is important to make sure you can carry it easily and without straining yourself.

It also allows nappy bags to easily hook off pram handles. While some are designed to naturally slip over, some are not but adjustable straps are an easy fix.

Lassig Changing Bag Messenger Diaper - Triangle Purple

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