Guide to Baby Weaning: What Every Parent Needs to Know

Weaning is like any milestone in your child’s life. It can be a joyous time but also a very emotional one. Whether you’re bottle or breastfeeding, these are intimate times between mothers and their children.

Some mothers may be unsure how to begin, even afraid to start the weaning process and this is natural. While you have nothing to fear, it's always good to have a little bit of help in this exciting step in your baby’s development. This should be an exciting time as a parent and in this SmallSmart article, we look at weaning and what you need to know.

But first….

What is Weaning?

Weaning is when you begin introducing soft foods to your baby. Milk, whether it’s breast or formula, will still be a key part of their diet and a vital source of nutrients.

Why is Weaning Important?

Weaning is more than just feeding. It is a key milestone in your baby’s development and learning. As you begin introducing soft foods, it is at a stage in their lives where they’re becoming more aware of the world around them. This includes flavours. By introducing your baby to new tastes now, they can enjoy a large range of foods and flavours in later life. This can help your child by putting them on track for a more balanced and well-rounded diet as they grow up.

What do I Need to Start Weaning?


Much like everything else your baby uses, you will need a lot when you begin weaning. Of course, most new mums and dads know that they need toddler bowls, plates and spoons, as well as plenty of clean bibs before they get to weaning. However, there is so much more!

Here are a couple of things you should consider when it comes to weaning your child.

High Chairs

High Chairs are important for weaning. It allows your baby to sit upright to eat and digest properly, as well as a place to play. A high chair allows both mum and dad to eat and introduce the concept of meal times to your child. They know that their chair meals its time to eat.


High Chairs for weaning


Baby Food Maker

Most parents are suspicious of what baby foods are available on the market and that is understandable. You want to know what you’re feeding your child. You can make weaning food by yourself.

A baby food maker is a simple tool which grinds and mashes food for weaning babies. It gives mum and dad the security of knowing their baby is enjoying a healthy, nutritious meal. This OXO tot mash maker makes more than just mash and purees a variety of different foods with ease. It is portable as well, easy to carry on when you are on the holiday.

Baby Food Maker
Baby Food Maker green


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