Tips for Your Baby's First Holiday: What to Pack and Prepare

So, you’re taking your baby on their first holiday? Where are you off to? Is it a short city break to see friends or relatives? Or are you off aboard, to parts unknown and to show your baby how wide the world is?

Wherever you go, you want to make sure you have everything you and your baby will need. While any outing will require parents to pack certain necessities, going on holidays is a slightly different kettle of fish as we will investigate.

We look at how you can make sure your every essential you and your baby will need for a simply wonderful first holiday.

Remember The Necessities

Just as your passport and travel insurance is vital for any trip, there will be necessities your baby will also need. Much like any outing, these necessities can be nappies, baby food, dummies or their favourite toys.

This will help you maintain certain elements of your home routine, whether it's bathing or bedtime, which can provide relief to your child with their new environment.
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Especially things like their favourite toy or blanket are important if they’re part of their established routine. When traveling somewhere new and staying in a different environment, having those things will help your baby adapt to this new setting and get a good night’s sleep.

How Far Your Baby Will Travel?

Before you can begin putting together a packing list, you need to consider how far you’ll be traveling. This will dictate how much you need to pack and what exactly you need to bring.

Naturally, if you’re going away for a few days on a city break, you won’t need more than a few changes of clothes, your changing bag and your daily essentials. Longer trips, you’ll need to consider bringing more things, such as a pram or portable cot.

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If you’re staying at a hotel, will they provide you with a cot for your baby? Some do but some don’t and it’s always important to check. However, it doesn’t hurt to come prepared.

Carrying Your Baby

On your holiday, how will you be carrying your baby when you’re out and about? Naturally, this will be dictated by the destination of your holiday and what you’re planning to do.

A pram or buggy is a handy way for both you and your baby to get about. Besides, somewhere your baby can sit or sleep as you go about the day, it gives you space to carry to store a changing bag and other important things, maybe a bit of shopping too.
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However, if you’re planning to spend your holidays on the beach or out on a nature reserve, a pushchair might not be perfect. While some are built durably who’s wheels can handle some degree of rough terrain but A sling or baby carrier can be appropriate. Keeping your baby close in a neat, maneuverable package, you can take your baby wherever you want. Whether you’re off on some excursion with rolling hills or exploring a medieval castle, you can do so nimbly and share this experience with your baby. Though the main drawback is the lack of storage. This would mean you’d have to carry a changing bag as well or put everything into a rucksack. This can put a lot of stress on your back and limit what you can bring.

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Feeding Your Baby

If your baby is still being breastfed, then you’d need to bring any bottles or breast pump you’d need for feeding your baby as you would for any outing.

However, if your baby has begun eating soft foods, you may need to bring a few jars with you or do some research on whether you can get them on your holiday. If it is aboard, check to see if the brand is available at your holiday destination. If so, then you don’t need to worry too much about bringing.

If your baby is beginning to eat soft foods, you need to consider how will they be eating it with You will need bowls and cutlery! It is good practice to bring your own travel set with you whenever you out with your child, especially on holiday. While most restaurants and cafes are happy to provide you with some, it's always best to bring your own which you can clean to your standards and are specially designed for babies.
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Before taking any baby food onto a plane or aboard, please review that country’s rules and regulations regarding bringing in foreign food.

At SmallSmart, we understand how stressful packing for any holiday can be, let alone taking your baby on their first one. That is why we work with leading baby brands and manufacturers to provide parents with everything for a fantastic first holiday with your child.

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